The Langham collection expands upon Blithfield’s tradition of printed fabrics and introduces some exciting new woven designs, incorporating many of Blithfield's signature motifs. In addition, there are three beautiful wovens: Albemarle, Lowell and Launceton Stripe. The Langham collection includes elegant, timeless designs that complement many other Blithfield prints.


Founded in 1996 by Anne Dubbs and Liz Downing, Blithfield & Co. is known for signature English design and use of fresh and innovative coloring. Its founders draw heavily upon the brand’s archive, a vast collection of historic documents accumulated over several years of sourcing and exploration.Blithfield & Co. is known for painterly florals and graphic prints with simple motifs which are available on linen fabrics and wallpaper.

Pillows Left to Right:   BFC-3634-616  ,   BFC-3633-7  ,   BFC-3633-5  ,   BFC-3634-124  ,   BFC-3634-513  ; Bench Cushion:   BFC-3636.303

Pillows Left to Right: BFC-3634-616, BFC-3633-7, BFC-3633-5, BFC-3634-124, BFC-3634-513; Bench Cushion: BFC-3636.303